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Restoration of uneven illumination in light sheet microscopy images.

Uddin MS, Lee HK, Preibisch S, Tomancak P

Light microscopy images suffer from poor contrast due to light absorption and scattering by the media. The resulting decay in contrast varies exponentially across the image along the incident light path. Classical space invariant deconvolution approaches, while very effective in deblurring, are not designed for the restoration of uneven illumination in microscopy images. In this article, we present a modified radiative transfer theory approach to solve the contrast degradation problem of light sheet microscopy (LSM) images. We confirmed the effectiveness of our approach through simulation as well as real LSM images.

  • Microsc. Microanal. 2011 Aug 20;17(4):607-13
  • 2011
  • Image Processing
  • 21682937
  • PubMed

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