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Limiting amounts of centrosome material set centrosome size in C. elegans embryos.

Decker M, Jaensch S, Pozniakovsky A, Zinke A, O'Connell KF, Zachariae W, Myers E, Hyman AA

The ways in which cells set the size of intracellular structures is an important but largely unsolved problem [1]. Early embryonic divisions pose special problems in this regard. Many checkpoints common in somatic cells are missing from these divisions, which are characterized by rapid reductions in cell size and short cell cycles [2]. Embryonic cells must therefore possess simple and robust mechanisms that allow the size of many of their intracellular structures to rapidly scale with cell size.

Fig.1 taken from Decker et al, 2011.
  • Curr. Biol. 2011 Aug 9;21(15):1259-67
  • 2011
  • Cell Biology
  • 21802300
  • PubMed

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