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Caveolin-1 opens endothelial cell junctions by targeting catenins.

Kronstein R, Seebach J, Grossklaus S, Minten C, Engelhardt B, Drab M, Liebner S, Arsenijevic Y, Taha AA, Afanasieva T, Schnittler HJ

A fundamental phenomenon in inflammation is the loss of endothelial barrier function, in which the opening of endothelial cell junctions plays a central role. However, the molecular mechanisms that ultimately open the cell junctions are largely unknown.

Fig.3 taken from Kronstein et al, 2012.
  • Cardiovasc. Res. 2012 Jan 1;93(1):130-40
  • 2012
  • Medical Biology
  • 21960684
  • PubMed

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