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SOX2-RNAi attenuates S-phase entry and induces RhoA-dependent switch to protease-independent amoeboid migration in human glioma cells.

Oppel F, Müller N, Schackert G, Hendruschk S, Martin D, Geiger KD, Temme A

SOX2, a high mobility group (HMG)-box containing transcription factor, is a key regulator during development of the nervous system and a persistent marker of neural stem cells. Recent studies suggested a role of SOX2 in tumor progression. In our previous work we detected SOX2 in glioma cells and glioblastoma specimens. Herein, we aim to explore the role of SOX2 for glioma malignancy in particular its role in cell proliferation and migration.

Fig.7 taken from Oppel et al, 2011.
  • Mol. Cancer 2011 Nov 09;10:137
  • 2011
  • Medical Biology
  • 22070920
  • PubMed

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