Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP's History

The BioDIP has developed over a couple of years. Major steps were the foundation of the Imaging Facilities Network (IFN) in 2006 and later the foundation of the BioDIP in 2013 enabled by the DFG "Core facilities" funding.
Here you find the timeline containing minor and major milestones of BioDIPs development.


BioDIP Seminar on X-ray microscopy

The Autumn Seminar was dedicated to X-ray Microscopy, a technique that allows to acquire full 3D information of objects with isometric resolution.

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BioDIP at school - first session

With the beginning of the new school year 2017/18 BioDIP offers the workshop "Microscopy" to interested pupils of the secondary school "Gymnasium Bürgerwiese" in Dresden. Twice per month BioDIP members combine all their knowledge and creativity to introduce children to the world of small objects, cells and organsims.


LMF Seminar on tissue clearing at CRTD

During a well attended and informative seminar, Ruth and Luis (LMF CMCB) shared their experience with different protocols for whole organ clearing and how to acquire and process the aquired images.




Imaging Specialist position open at the LMF at CMCB

The LMF at the CMCB is searching for a new member.