Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform

BioDIP's History

The BioDIP has developed over a couple of years. Major steps were the foundation of the Imaging Facilities Network (IFN) in 2006 and later the foundation of the BioDIP in 2013 enabled by the DFG "Core facilities" funding.
Here you find the timeline containing minor and major milestones of BioDIPs development.


BioDIP Seminar on Microdissection


The seminar in May is dedicated to laser capture microdissection (LCM), a technique that allows contact- and contamination-free collection of specific tissue, cells, or subcellular structures. Possible downstream applications include DNA genotyping, RNA transcript profiling, cDNA library generation or proteomics discovery.

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New TEM for EMF at CRTD

 The CMCB EM/Histo Facility has got a brand new Transmission Electron Microscope. The 120 kV Jeol JEM   
 1400 Plus comes with a picture overlay program for routine inspection and CLEM.




Edgar Büttner joins EM/HistoFacility at CRTD

Edgar joins the team of Thomas Kurth as technician.

Welcome Edgar!


GerBI publication out

German BioImaging published a Best Practice Manual on Advanced Light Microscopy Core Facilities in Microscopy Research and Technique. The article summarizes the outcome of the GerBI workgroups during the first DFG-funding period and presents recommendations for operating such kind of support units for research in the life sciences.